We Love Great Stuffs

Always on the lookout for the newest and most daring styles

We at Kenzville believe in giving you the best. And that was what spurred us to starting an online store right in the heart of Midvale Utah.

Our team is made up of Tommy (Web Developer), Isaac (Internet Marketer) and Ruby (Fashion Designer). We are always on the lookout for the newest and most daring styles.

At Kenzville we work towards bringing anything that is worthwhile to you from any part of the world. We source for great items and deliver them right to your door.

We work to provide great stuffs for everyone in your house hold. We even go the extra mile to provide great items for your pet. We really do care about you and your household.

We see something special as finding something different, whilst still being simultaneously attainable. The feeling of your heart racing seeing something you love, to the thrill of discovering you can achieve it! Yes, I might spend extra, yes, I might buy less throwaway “stuff” to get it, but that special feeling is worth so much more.

We want to evolve from every day to elegant? Most style guides only scratch the surface.

We give you the information you crave in the belief that knowledge and understanding are paramount to your success. In-depth reviews, articles and videos about classic style give you the confidence to dress and live the way you want, on your budget. In addition, we cover lifestyle categories in recognition that great style is not the only component of living well. Etiquette, travel, interior decorating, and fine spirits are just a few of the many subjects we cover.

Here at Kenzville our philosophy is quite simple: dress well, live well and be happy.

Meet The Team


Web Developer


Fashion Designer/Home Decorator


Internet Marketer