No doubt, a smartphone can stand alone as a pretty great device; however, some accessories provide much-needed enhancements. The best part is most of these smartphone accessories are not just designed specifically for certain models. Most of them are compatible with almost all kinds of devices.

Selfie Sticks

Selfies seem to take over the social media and the tech scene. Purchasing a good-quality selfie stick is needed to up your own selfie game. For only $15, you can get a selfie stick. It has a range of 9 inches but can extend up to 39 inches.

Car Mounts

Do you have a Car mounts. Car mounts are must-haves if you use your phone as a navigation tool. Sports rubberized grippers, a foam-backed cradle to protect your device and a quick-release button for easy access. Supports both smartphones and iPhones.  It is fold able and custom-fitted for certain types of models.

Bluetooth Earbuds

Wireless is the new trend these days. Moreover, 3.5 mm jacks are running out of fashion. Invest in decent wireless earbuds. Most bluetooth earbuds features a multipoint technology that enables it to connect with two devices. An affordable choice for Bluetooth headset is Skullcandy Ink’d (Black and Gray). It banks on a 8-hour battery life and a noise-isolating fit.

Cases and Covers

Cases can make a difference fr your phone. They are not just for aesthetic purposes but also serve as an additional protection for phones. Tough covers are necessary to shield the phone from scrapes and scratches.

Portable Bluetooth Speakers

One accessory you must have this year 2018, is a portable Bluetooth speaker that you can carry around with ease to your different trips. We recommend products that are waterproof, ultra-light and ultra-rugged.